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Seaview Tce. “Tewkesbury Lodge”

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In 1912 this house was recorded as being in Seaview Tce, but is first mentioned in 1892 in a diary when it was probably regarded as running off Asquith Ave. It no longer exists.

Tewkesbury Lodge was on land owned by Dr Alfred Osborne Knight, who purchased two lots of land in the vicinity from the Greenwood auctions – the first in 1885 of over 2 acres – Lots 30A and 31 of allotment 34, and the second in July 1892 of Lot 30 between the railway and Counsel Terrace.

It was the home of Dr Knight’s parents William and Mary Knight, who lived there from the late 1880s, and at times some of their younger children lived with them. Their son Herbert Knight, married Charlotte Annie Wood, a daughter of Noah Wood, in 1891.

The house was named Tewkesbury Lodge after the place the Knight family came from by the Severn River in England.

After the deaths of William in 1898 and Mary in 1902, Dr Knight retained the property.

From 1912 Dorothy and Frank Middleton Stephenson and their family lived there. Dorothy was the daughter of Dr Alfred Osborne Knight and his wife Annabell. On the 10th of December 1912 there was an advertisement in the New Zealand Herald – “Small paddock of oats for sale, to be cut and taken away; cheap – Stephenson, Tewkesbury Lodge, Seaview Terrace, Mt Albert.” Dorothy’s address was later given as 39 Seaview Terrace (although street numbering may not match modern numbers).

Tewkesbury Lodge may have been the “5 roomed dwelling, wanting repairs. A good chance for a builder or jobbing carpenter” which was also advertised at the end of 1926. It is very likely it was demolished in the decade after this date. After Frank Stephenson died in 1931, Dorothy remarried and lived elsewhere.

Around 1920, Dr Knight built a new house, Fairhaven, at 62 Seaview Tce, close to Tewkesbury Lodge. He and Annabell moved there from Epsom, and lived there with their daughter Beryl and at times others of their children.

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Jenny Clay, personal correspondence, March 2022.

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