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Mt Albert Then and Now book cover

Mount Albert Historical Society is a place for current and former residents of Mt Albert, and people with an interest in Mt Albert’s history, to access and share information, and to support Mt Albert into a thriving future.

We hold a range of events each year, including historic walks, guest speakers, visits to historic houses, and various social events. We also ensure that Mt Albert history is represented in consultation and planning processes.

Since July 2006, we have published a regular Newsletter. This contains articles, memories and information about events. This is supplemented by information posted on the website, which was redeveloped in 2020. In 2016 we commissioned Deborah Dunsford to write our beautifully researched and illustrated book, Mt Albert Then and Now. Copies of this book can be purchased from the Society.

We support researchers who are exploring people, places and themes that are related to Mt Albert, and encourage the sharing of information. We publish articles in the Newsletter and on the website, and welcome comments on web articles. We would love to know about relevant information that is published elsewhere, so we can provide links and citations to material beyond our site. We have a growing collection of physical and digital resources which compliment those held elsewhere.

Please join our society. The low annual fee of $20 per person supports the production of the Newsletter, this website, catering and booking fees for events, and space to store the physical items that have been collected by the Society.

We need your help to preserve and record the history of Mt Albert.

If you have any old photos of people, places or buildings, or any kind of memorabilia including newspaper cuttings, school or business records, timetables, documents, letters, etc, please consider donating them to MAHS, or allowing us to take a digital copy for our files.

Bequests and donations

As an all-volunteer non-profit-making organisation, we appreciate your financial help. All donations and bequests would be gratefully received.