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This page links to historical maps of Mt Albert Subdivisions held in various online collections, in date order (earliest first).

Click the maps to view the original images. This will allow you to zoom in to see details.

This page is still under construction, with content being added every day. Do you know of any other maps that we could include on this page? Please let us know.

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1865 March. Morningside.

Thursday March 9./ Morningside / The subscriber has been favoured with instructions from A.Taylor, Esq., to sell by public auction, on Thursday, March 9, at the Land Mart, Fort-street, at twelve o’clock.

The village of MORNINGSIDE, within one mile of the city, and adjoining Albert Park, subdivided into 120 Large Building Allotments, having frontages to the Great North Road. Plans will be ready in a few days, and may be had from the Auctioneer.

Samuel Cochrane, Auctioneer. / Terms:- One third cash. Balance by promissory notes at four, eight, and twelve months, bearing ten per cent, interest, or a mortgage for one or five years.” [The Daily Southern Cross, 11 February 1865, p.2]

Morningside to be sold by auction on Thursday, March 16, 1865, at the land mart, Fort Street by Samuel Cochrane, auctioneer. (1865). [Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections Map 4496-23]

Morningside to be sold by auction on March 16th 1865 at the Land Mart, Fort Street, by Samuel Cochrane. (1865). [Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections Map 4513]

1867 January. Subdivision of Allotment 59, Titirangi

“Wednesday, January 30 / Farm at Mount Albert / By order of the Registrar of the Supreme Court of New Zealand / Jones & Co / Have received instructions to sell by auction, at their Mart, Brunswick Buildings, on Wednesday, January 30, at 12 o’clock. / They well-known farm at Mount Albert, belonging to Mr Thomas Kelly, being Allotment No.59, Suburban, situated in Parish of Titirangi, County of Eden, containing 48 acres of rich volcanic soil, well fenced, and laid down in grass, with good five-roomed Cottage, Out-buildings, Garden, &c, and bounded on three sides by Government roads; well watered, and in a good position for a dairy farm, being within five miles of the city./ For further particulars, inquire from auctioneers.” [Daily Southern Cross 26 January 1867, p.2].

Map of subdivision of allotment no.59 situate in the Parish of Titirangi near Mount Albert, to be sold by auction by Jones & Co. at the Brunswick Hall. (1867).[Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections Map 4508]

1870s [Date uncertain] Heatherleigh Mt Roskill

First mention on Papers Past 1885

Heatherleigh, Mount Roskill. [Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections Map 4261]

1882 March [approximately]. Rocky Nook

“Four houses and several cheap building sites on volcanic land. – Price low; terms easy. – The Rocky Nook Estate, now divided into building allotments, contains some very choice sites for persons desiring to live quietly near town. The property is within easy walking distance, and busses pass the corner throughout the day. A great portion of the land is planted with ornamental trees and shrubs, and the land will for certain be a good investment. The well-known healthful qualities of volcanic land have created such a demand for it that there is very little to be got within walking distance from town. All the Rocky Nook Allotments will soon be disposed of, so no time should be lost in securing a site for a residence or place of business./ F.G. Ewington / 81 Queen-street.” [The Auckland Evening Star, 1 March 1882, p.1]

Rockynook the property of William Baker for private sale by F. G. Ewington. [Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections Map 4497-12]

1882 November. Township of Mount Albert: The Randerson Estate and Randersvyl

“Tuesday, November 7th, Noon / Mount Albert / Township of Mount Albert. / Splendid building sites for mansion, villa, cottage, and business./ Family residence, garden, orchard, paddock &c. known as “Randersvyl,” rich volcanic soil.

The undersigned has been favoured with instructions from J.R. Randerson, Esq., to sell by public auction at his Land, Estate, and House Sale Room, “Arthur’s Mart,” Queen-street, on Tuesday, November 7th, at 12 o’clock, noon.


This favourably situated Estate, the most central and convenient in the Mount Albert District, fronting three main roads, commanding a good view, surrounded by pretty residences, close to churches – all in a good state of cultivation; the soil rich volcanic but a short distance from Railway Station; Omnibuses pass frequently.

THE FAMILY RESIDENCE “RANDERSVYL” with Vineries, Stable, Coachhouse, Cowsheds, & c., together with about Five Acres of Land, a nicely laid out Garden and Orchard, well stocked with a large assortment of Fruit Trees in full bearing; the Vines have been selected with great care, and are very productive.

Also –

Nine Large Building Sites, fronting New North Road

Twelve ditto ditto Road to Onehunga

Eight ditto ditto Cross Road

Eleven ditto ditto Victoria and Albert Avenues.

This is an opportunity for procuring Homestead Sites suitable for all classes; in a fast rising and fashionable suburb, of the best volcanic soil, in a healthy, pleasant, and convenient position, that should not be lost sight of.

Inspection invited. / Cards to view the residence can be obtained at the office of the Auctioneer./ Lithographic Plans will be ready in a few days. / R. Arthur, Salesman and Auctioneer.” [New Zealand Herald, 30 October 1882, p.8]

A triangular subdivision of land owned by J. R. Randerson, including the section with his house, known as Randersvyl. Bordered by New North Road, Alexandra Ave (now Alexis Ave) and Mountain Rd (now Kitenui Ave), with Albert Ave (now Bennett St) and Victoria Ave (now Violet St) running through it. This land included an orchard and vineyard. Despite the date on the map, the initial auction seems to have been held on 7 November 1882.

The map shows the location of property and houses owned by J. R. Randerson, A.K. Taylor, F. Battley, J. Melville, J.T. Garlick, J.W. James, E. Beck and J.M Alexander, as well as the St Lukes Church, the Mt Albert Public Hall, the Store and Post Office, the Wesleyan Church, and a pump.

Township of Mount Albert / the property of J. R. Randerson, Esq. to be sold at auction Thursday, Sept. 7 at twelve noon at Mr. Dowden’s Mart, Queen St., by R. C. Greenwood, Auctioneer. [Auckland Museum Map G9081.G46M23]

1882 November. Roganville Mount Albert

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Roganville, Mount Albert to be sold by auction. (1882). [Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections Map 4539]

1882 November. Morningside

Morningside villa sites and allotments for sale by auction at the Brunswick Mart on Wednesday, November 29th, at 12 o’clock. (1882). [Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections Map 4497-7]

1884 October. Benfield Estate

Benfield Estate subdivision, Mount Albert, the property of J.H. Daubeny, Esq., to be sold at public auction by Messrs. Richardson & Crawley at Dowden’s Land Mart, Queen Street, tomorrow, Tuesday October 14 1884. (1884). [Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections Map 4497-20]

1885 January. Brooklands.

Mt Albert. Brooklands. The Property of D.Olphert, Esq. Villa Sites and Allotments to be sold by Auction On Thursday January 15, 1885 … by Oswald A. Steven and Co. [1885]. [Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections Map 4497-19]

1885 March. Kingsland.

This map, dated 30 March 1885, is overprinted on a map dated 20 November 1882.

Plan of Kingsland, New North Road, for sale by auction on Monday 30th March, 1885 by Samuel Cochrane & Son, auctioneers. (1885). [Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections Map 4497-3]

1885 November. Glenmore.

“Monday November 16 / To be sold by auction at the new stores, Wyndham St./ Glenmore! Glenmore! Glenmore! Glenmore! Glenmore! Glenmore! Glenmore! Glenmore! Glenmore! Glenmore! / New North Road / This large and valuable estate will be sold at noon on the above date at the large and commodious stores, Wyndham-Street, above the “Bell” Office, and adjoining the Shakespeare Hotel / Affording, without exception, the best opportunity ever offered to the public of obtaining good Freehold Allotments with main road frontage; healthy locality, fine views, and easy distance of the City.

The Property is cut up into 300 choice villa and residence sites. The streets are all laid out with a view to health and lying in the sun, each 66 feet wide. Intending purchasers will do well to make enquiries and pick their Lot.

Terms: One-fifth cash. Balance may remain on Mortgage. Special arrangements made with any person wishing to Build.

This chance of obtaining large freehold lots with good views, gas and water, ‘bus and rail, and being within 10 minutes from the General Post-office, ought not to be missed by any person who wishes for a comfortable home or business site.

Title: Land transfer act.

Special attention is called to the Trams, the line for which is at present being laid by the Tramway Company along Symonds Streer, and will be within two minutes’ walk of the property.

Call for plans / Luncheon provided / R.C. Greenwood, Auctioneer” [Auckland Star, 14 November 1885, p.10]

Glenmore Glenmore Glenmore Monday November 16 at Noon. (1885). [The Auckland Evening Star, Saturday November 14, 1885]

1923 November. Rugby Estate, Morningside

128 Sections in total, with frontages onto New North Rd, Edendale Rd, Altham Ave and Rossmay Tce. The first 77 sections were offered for sale on 29 November 1923. [The Auckland Star 10 November 1923, p.9]

Rugby Estate. (1923) [Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections Map 2420]