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The Mt Albert shopping area, at the intersection of New North, Carrington and Mt Albert Roads, is a key part of the Mt Albert community.

The Mt Albert Historical Society is embarking on a project to capture and share the history of these shops, which will be made available on this website.

We want to gather together work already published in various places, to record factual information, and to gather stories, memories and images of how these shops have developed over time. We are interested in information and memories about shops right up to the present day.

Shopping area at terminus, Mt Albert,Radcliffe, Frederick George, 1864-1923, photographer, PH-2014-107-8. Auckland Museum

Although our focus is currently on developing the webpage about this specific shopping area, we are also interested in gathering information on other shops in the Mt Albert area, so please, tell us about them too.


Please share your memories of the Mt Albert shopping area.

Do you remember the names of the shops and shop owners?

What were the shops like when you first remember them, and how did they change over time?

What part did the local shops play in your life?

Do you have any photographs of street scenes?

Please email your memories to us at If you would prefer to speak with us about your memories, please call Lynley on 027 290 2843.