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JOINING or to RENEWING your membership of the Society.

If you would like to CANCEL your membership, please send a message to us via our CONTACT page.
If you would like to make a donation, please tick the Donation $ box above, and type the amount you would like to donate in the box below:
If you are joining as a family and would like their names to also appear on our Membership List, please add the additional names below. If a member of your family would like to receive an emailed copy of the MAHS Newsletter, please include their email address too.
Please fill in all your contact details, even if you are renewing a current membership, so we can keep our database up to date.
Please click the SUBMIT button below to send your form. You may be asked to verify that you are not a robot before you can click SUBMIT. You will be taken to a page with information about how to pay. Options include: A. Using online banking (the MAHS Bank account details are on the next page). B. Paying by cash at a meeting. C. Arranging payment to one of the Committee members. If you have any questions or problems using this form, please contact us. We are a small and supportive community and are very happy to help.