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Before street numbers were introduced, many Mt Albert houses had names.

Some street names have changed – where appropriate, current names and numbers are in brackets after the name in the source. See the Mt Alberts Streets A-Z page for more details about name changes.

This page is very much a work in progress. Please help us by adding any information you have in the “Leave a reply” section at the bottom of the page (your message will not be publicly visible). If you would prefer to email direct, please use this link. If possible include a note about where you found the information (e.g. a link to an article found on Papers Past, or a note that the source is an unpublished family letter).


GSV = Google Street View

LA = Land Agent Website

MAHS = Mt Albert Historical Society Newsletter [details to be added soon]

PP = Papers Past

Street = Seen while walking

WI = Wises Post Office Directory

“When houses have names, they acquire an anthropomorphic presence, somehow causing the four walls to become more than the sum of parts”.

Frances Mayes. A Place in the world: finding the meaning of home
House NameAddressOccupierReferences found (earliest/last)Source
AinslieAllendale Rd, 58McLean, Murdoch;
Anderson, H.A. & Clarice
AlbertaNew North Rd, 10382022Street
AlbertonMt Albert Rd, 100Taylor, Allan Kerr / Kerr Taylor, Sophia1863-Various
Allenbury CottageSalisbury Rd [Sainsbury Rd]1924PP
AllendaleMt Albert Rd, 1Allen, EdwardVarious
Amber CottageBurnside Ave, 122024Street
AoteaSelkirk Rd, 13 [later 15?]North, Nellie 1922-1928PP
ArdoyneMountain Rd [Kitenui Ave]Walbran, Mrs1921PP
BalmoralMountain Rd [Kitenui Ave]Holdsworth, W.J.1931
BalmoralMt Albert Rd, 692022Street
BellevueAsquith Ave, 76Barnes1898-
BelmontStilwell Rd, 29
BelvedereNew North Rd, 1179 [prev 879]Lincoln, Frank & Eileen1920-48PP
BergholtMt Albert Rd, 20Farrell, Batchelor, Webster, Holt1884 –MAHS + PP
Bon JeneHighland Rd1924PP
BrackmondMountain Rd [Kitenui Ave]Rodger, D.D., Rev1933
Breveg VillaWestern Springs Rd, 472012LA
BrookdaleMountain Rd [Kitenui Ave]Holdsworth, T.A.1920AS
Brooklyn ApartmentsGribblehirst Rd, 932022New
ClevelandMt AlbertWebb, Thomas & Annie1921PP
CoogeeMargaret Ave1928PP
Doggery, TheTaylors Rd, 106
EpworthAlexis Ave, 4
FailandStilwell Rd, 29
FairhavenSeaview Tce, 62
(prev access from Asquith Ave)
Knight, Dr Alfred Osborne & Annabell1920-Family
FerndaleNew North Rd, 830Garlick, Jonathan Tonson & Jane1860sVarious
Flag HouseSummit Dr, 322022
Fulton LodgeAitken Tce, 26Duffin, Annie1913-1931PP
Glen InnesNew North RdTaylor, Mrs1921PP
GlenirisMountain Rd [Kitenui Ave]Chester, Arthur1923PP
Glenmore HouseNew North RdMorton, J C1897PP
Glenmore LodgeNew North RdMcElwain, George1861Timespanner
GlenorieBammerman Rd1924PP
GonvilleOlberg, P.1922PP
Greystone KnoweNew North Rd, 884Fowlds, George & Mary
HamuranaMcLean St
Harrowden HouseTaylors Rd, 53Coles, Mary Ann & George1900-MAHS
HartsholmeAllendale Rd, 8Merritt family to c19221910-AuckCoun
HilfontAlexis Ave, 4James, John William / Winstone, Violet & Percy1882-1922Various
HillcrestBelmont Rd [Stilwell Rd]Ashton, T A1921PP
HomeleighWestern Springs Rd, 51Young, Joseph1923-4PP
IslingtonNew North RdMcGillivray, A.W.1924PP
King’s Cliffe or KingscliffeMarne Rd, 11Jackson, Sarah Elizabeth1916-1946PP +
KohiaTaylors Rd, 78Furness, Arthur?1924PP
KohungaAllendale RdAstley1921PP
Laurel BankOak AvenueBattley, Frederick1898-99Wises p.79
Laurel BankOak AvenueBatkin, Harvey William & Elizabeth1922NZH
LindenOpp P.O.Boarding house1927PP
LouvainMountain Rd [Kitenui Ave]1924NZH
LutonWoodward RdBennett, Mrs A.F.1921PP
LyndhurstLloyd Ave, 39Clay, Thomas & Sarah1908-
MaisonetteMountain Rd [Kitenui Ave]Williams, Thomas1927NZH
MartinboroughMartin Ave
ModenaAlexis Ave, 101930s-todayVarious
MoerakiMt AlbertNichol, William Rev1922PP
MontanaMt Albert Rd, 30
MontroseRichardson Rd, 140Shearer, William & Emma1923PP
MostonNew North RdJohnson1921PP
Mt Albert CourtCounsel Tce, 15Block of flatsbef 2008-bet 2012-14GSV
MurataiMt Albert RdStevenson, Edward1920PP
NgaereMountain Rd [Kitenui Ave]1921PP
NgaiogoAllendale RdBurke, Richard & Nicholas1922PP
NormanhurstNorman St, 24 [Tawari St]1909-31PP
NorwoodNew North Rd, 693 [was 441]Reid, Charles Herbert1903-24PP
OakfieldOakfield Ave, 9
OrakauMountain Rd [Kitenui Ave, 58]Wallett, John Thomas1921-1923Various
OrapiuLloyd Ave EastGrubb, Mrs H.T.1925AS
Puriri PukeAllendale Rd, 34Tattersfield, Evelyn & James1912-Dunsford p.76
RahiriMcLean St, 15Caughey, Andrew C.1922PP
RakiuraAsquith AveFowlds, Mrs G.M.+1921+PP
RawhitiNew Bond St1920+Family
RiccartonAllendale Rd, 37?-2023+Street
Rocar CourtLancing Rd, 15Block of flats? – 2022+GSV
Rocks, TheNew North Rd, 707Penman, James & Maria
Rocky MountGribblehirst Rd, 57 [Elizabeth Rd]Fournier, Clarence & Edith1919-Plaque
Rose HillMt Royal Ave, 8c2013Bayleys
RosemontKitenui & Lloyd Ave cornerPage, A.W.1921/1945PP
RosettaGoring RdFletcher, J.B.1921PP
SpringburnNew North RdMay, James Herring1921PP
SpringleighSpringleigh AveWoodward1921PP
SpringviewWestern Springs Rd, 126Harvey, Alfred1918-1931PP
StonehengeTaylors RdBeresford, R.W.1921PP
StonehoneBelmont AveSexton, Charles Henry1922-23PP
StoneleighAlexis Ave, 4Stone, Charles & Ellen1878-1882Various
StoneleighNew North Rd, Rocky NookMcIndoe, Thomas & Jessie1918PP
StonyfallsMountain Rd [Kitenui Ave]Entrican, J.C.1928AS
TattersfieldAllendale Rd, 341910Various
TeaguyMary’s Lane [Lloyd Ave West]Hutchinson, Robert & Lucinda1911Family
Tewkesbury LodgeSeaview Tce [previous access from Asquith Ave], 39?Knight, Dr Alfred Osborne & Annabellc1887-c1922Family
TollesburyJesmond Tce, 20Wilson, Gordon1927PP
TomataColumbia RdBethune, W.1921PP
TurangaNew North Rd, 1008Spragg, Wesley & Anniec1897Various
TyntesfieldAllendale Rd, 44
ValhallaWoodward Rd, 10
Vi AnneNew North Rd, 884
WaiatarereStilwell Rd, 72024For sale
WarwickMt Albert Rd, 248Wood, Enoch & Martha1922PP
Wednesbury CottageThird Ave, 52024Ray White
WillesdenTaylors Rd, MorningsideKeay, Nurse E.J1917-18PP
WillesdenAitken Tce, KingslandKeay, Nurse E.J.1918-19PP
Willow CottageMarne Rd, 15Yates, Marion1919-24PP
WillowsNew North Rd1924PP
Worrell HouseMcLean St
WycombeDuncan Ave 16West, William1925PP
WymeringRob Roy St [Alberton Ave]Moore, H.A.1924PP

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