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Angeceno Private Hospital (1929-1937)

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Go to the map of maternity homes to see location (I).

626 New North Rd (now 790 New North Rd).

Angeceno would later be renamed the Glamis Obstetric Hospital, and was the largest maternity home in Mt Albert before St Helen’s Hospital was built. It attracted clients from all over the top half of the North Island, although the majority were local. It lies at the intersection of New North Rd and Bennett St.

Angeceno opened in 1929: the first mention of it in the New Zealand Herald was a birth notice in August 1929. Although it was established and owned by local doctor J. Atkin Paterson, it was referred to in birth announcements by the Matron’s name. These included: “Nurse Lyon’s Angeceno”, “Nurse Lyon’s Home, Mount Albert”, “Nurse Lyon’s Private Hospital”, “Nurse Atkinson’s” or just “Angeceno”. The name of the hospital was occasionally misspelled as Angecino or Anglesea.

There had been a local doctor, Dr Derrick, practicing from this address before 1929.

1929-1931: Nurse Lydia Lyon

Nurse Lyon (often called Lyons) was the first Matron of Angeceno. She was 56 in 1929 when the Hospital opened. In August 1931 she married her third husband, Rev George Palmer of Katikati, and left Auckland.

After Angeceno was renamed Glamis, Nurse Lydia Palmer opened the Angeceno Obstetric Hospital at Otorohanga (1938-1942).

1931-1937: Nurse Edith Atkinson

Nurse Atkinson was the second Matron of Angeceno. She is first mentioned at Angeceno in a New Zealand Herald birth notice in December 1931, having previously been employed at St Helen’s Hospital in Auckland. She left Mt Albert and returned to Rotorua.

1929-1969: Dr J. Aitken Paterson

James Aitkenhead Paterson was the director of Angeceno/Glamis Hospital from its inception in 1929 until his death in 1969, at which point he bequeathed it to his wife and children. He was a young doctor from Dunedin, and worked at the Rotorua Sanitorium before coming to Mt Albert with his wife and growing family. His work was primarily as a general practitioner with obstetrics and rheumatic diseases as his specialties. On 11 October 1928 he announced that he had taken over the medical practice of Dr Derrick at 626 New North Rd.

New Zealand Herald 11 October 1928

The Patersons lived at 684 New North Rd (renumbered as 880) until c1944 and were very involved in community, social and sporting activities in the community. Dr Paterson played bowls and was president of the Akarana Golf Club and Patron of the Sandringham Caledonian Society. From 1942, Dr Paterson focused on the war effort and was in command of the Northern Region Convalescence Depot. In April 1944 he sold his medical practice to Dr John Donald.


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