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Nurse Coyle (1921-c1946)

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Go to the map of maternity homes to see locations (E1, E2).

Nurse Hilda Mary Coyle registered as a midwife in 1921. She was a district nurse and midwife in Mt Albert, assisting with home deliveries. The first mention of her delivering a child in the New Zealand Herald births notices is in January 1922. She may have had 1-2 beds in her home before 1926, but no evidence has yet been found.

E1. 1921-1922. 4 Gordon Rd, Morningside.

This address was first mentioned in a newspaper birth notice in January 1922.

On 30 December 1922 she announced in the New Zealand Herald that she had moved to 28 Brixton Rd, Mt Eden: ““Nurse Hilda Coyle, Registered Midwife, District Nurse, begs to notify her Patients and Friends that she has removed to 28 Brixton Rd, Mt Eden. Phone…”

E2. 1925-c1946. 280 Edendale Rd, Edendale (now 466 Sandringham Rd).

On 2 Nov 1925 this announcement was placed in the New Zealand Herald:“Nurse Hilda Coyle and V.A. Coyle, Builder, have removed to their new home, corner Edendale Rd and Mars Ave, Edendale, Phone…”

New Zealand Herald 2 November 1925

This house would become known as “Nurse Coyle’s, Edendale.”

On 29 June 1944, David Hartnell was born at Nurse Coyle’s. In an interview with Auckland Museum, he discussed how his mother would point out the house when they drove past. She remembered that the ceiling had buddhist swastikas on the ceiling (meaning well being; facing the opposite way to the Nazi swastika symbol). Read the interview here.

We are not certain how long Nurse Coyle continued to practice as a midwife. She passed away in 1967 aged 78.


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