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Nurse Clarke (1923-1936)

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Go to the map of maternity homes to see locations (G1, G2).

Nurse Ellen Clarke provided maternity services to the women of Mt Albert between 1923 and 1936 out of two locations. She ran a small private hospital at her home, and also assisted with deliveries in private homes. She was working as a midwife before 1923, as she registered as a midwife under the criteria of having considerable experience, rather than by examination, but we are not sure where she practiced before 1923. 

The residents of both addresses were Joseph Frederick Clarke and his wife Mary. There is no record of an Ellen Clarke in their family, and so far we have been unable to confirm that Nurse Ellen Clarke was Mary Clarke.

G1. 1923-24. 55 Taylors Rd, Morningside (now 65 or 67 Taylors Rd).

Nurse Clarke’s Private Hospital in Taylors Rd was first mentioned in a birth notice in the New Zealand Herald in May 1923.

G2. 1924-1936. 47 Western Springs Rd, Morningside.

Nurse Clark was operating out of 47 Western Springs Rd by March 1925.


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