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Nurse Munn: Norvana (1917-1933)

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Go to the map of maternity homes to see location (B).

Nurse Munn ran the Norvana nursing home at her residence, 11 Malvern Rd, Morningside, from 1917 until at least 1933. Around 1929 it was renumbered 3 Malvern Rd; in 1943 it was numbered 7, and now is 5 Malvern Rd).

Auckland Star 24 July 1917

Nurse Helena Eliza Munn trained in London, and registered as a midwife in New Zealand in 1913.

In 1916-17 she was assisting with home births in Mt Albert, based in New North Rd, Kingsland (possibly with Nurse Hartshorne?). She established Norvana as a private nursing home in 1917 in her own home.

Norana is first mentioned in Wises Post Office Directory in 1919, the entry stating: “Norvana Priv Nursing Home (Helena Munn in charge).” From the 1924 Wises Directory, the entry changed just to “Munn, Mrs Helena, nurse” with no mention of Norvana. The last mention of Norvana and Nurse Munn in the New Zealand Herald birth notices was in May 1931.

Nurse Munn may have continued as a midwife after this, but from then on her entry in Wises gave her name, not occupation. She retained her midwife registration until at least 1933, and continued living in Malvern Rd. She died in 1945, aged 72.


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