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Sandringham Rd

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Sandringham Rd is named after the Royal Estate in Norfolk, England.

Sandringham Rd has been known by several earlier names.

Sandringham Rd was originally called Cabbage Tree Swamp Rd. Auckland Libraries (n.d.) say it was renamed Kingsland Rd in 1877; Davenport (1990, p.202) says it was renamed in 1900.

Around 1929, part of Edendale Rd (sometimes written Eden Dale Rd) was renamed Sandringham Rd. The name New Edendale Rd was also used at some point.

The north end of Sandringham Rd, between Kingsland Railway Station and New North Rd, was originally called Clarke St (dates needed).


Sandringhan Rd runs from New North Rd at Kingsland to Stoddard Rd. At the south end the final quarter (south of Mt Albert Rd) is outside the boundaries of Mt Albert.

Onslow Rd, Walters Rd, Rossmay Tce, Altham Ave, Reimers Ave, Royal Tce, Shaw St, Ethel St, Burnley Tce, Ward Tce, Leslie Ave, Paice Ave, Kenneth Ave, Cabbage Tree Swamp Dr, Gribblehirst Rd, Parrish Rd, Begbie Pl, Cambourne Rd, Aroha Ave, Truro Rd, Watson Ave and Lancing Rd run off it. There is a major intersection where St Lukes Rd ends and Balmoral Rd begins. Patterson St, Grove Rd, Jason Ave, Mars Ave, Shorwell St, Oxton Rd, Tranmere Rd, Coyle St, Halesowen Ave, Calgary St, Kitchener Rd, Lambeth Rd, Haverstock Rd, Harwood St, Eden View Rd, Parry St, Vancouver Ave, Marne Rd and Taumata Rd run off it before Mt Albert Rd.

Numbers 1 to 681 lie on the north west side of the street. Numbers 2 to 692 lie on the south east side.



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